30-hour training in February 2020!


Saturday and Sunday February 15-16

Friday and Saturday March 20-21

10:00 - 6:00 each day

TriYoga Boston in Waltham, MA


Includes our ready-to-use complete visual yoga curriculum!   

Our 30-hour training features:

Unique Teaching Method

  • Visual Teaching: Identify visual supports that are essential to promoting the success of students with autism: Utilize visual schedules, a visual yoga curriculum, hand and foot placement markers, and other environmental supports to guide yoga practice.
  • Communication: Become a communication partner: Learn how to support continual dynamic growth of effective communication between teacher and students.
  • Social Relationship: Learning happens in relationship: Understand how trust and compassion provide the safe ground necessary for yoga practice.

The Heart of Voice Colors

  • Meet our Students: Our students with autism have inspired, informed and guided the philosophy and methodology behind the Voice Colors Yoga program. They are the heart of the program, and in so many ways are our best teachers
  • Experience a live Voice Colors Yoga class. Participants will observe a class with a small group of adults with autism.  
  • View autism through a holistic lens. Autism is a "systems disorder" that often impacts gastro-intestinal functioning, sleep cycles, seizure activity, and other physical systems.  Understand how stress management and maintaining overall health and wellness are critical for people with autism.

Visual Yoga Curriculum

  • Ready-to-Use visual curriculum: Includes all of the visual supports teachers need to establish a yoga program for individuals with autism.
  • Proven and effective: Features a comprehensive repertoire of active and restorative yoga sequence developed over a decade of teaching, observation, data collection, and modifications 
  • Color-coded: Features our unique color-coding system for body positions to support motor-planning and logical sequencing
  • Room to Grow: Curriculum is expandable to reflect the ongoing development of each students’ yoga practice.    

Please note:

 The 30 hour Yoga for Autism Training is recommended for experienced yoga teachers. This program is also appropriate for professionals from other disciplines who have a strong background in physical movement such as PT, OT, or Adaptive PE.

Due to the unique and complex array of educational supports required to meet the needs of this population, this is considered an advanced yoga teacher training program.  Prior experience with autism is not required.


Yoga for Autism Teacher Training

Saturday and Sunday January 25-26

Friday and Saturday February 7-8

10:00 - 6:00 each day

TriYoga Boston in Waltham, MA


Hannah Gould


Hannah Gould, M.Ed, E-RYT

 Program Director

Lead Instructor

Hannah, a well-known special educator and yoga teacher, has been a trailblazer in bringing meaningful and effective yoga to children and adults with autism and other special needs.

Eve Megargel


Eve Megargel 

Executive Director and Founder  Voice Colors non-profit
Founder of Voice Colors Communication Resource Model (VCCRM). A parent of an adult yogi with autism, Eve is an author, educator, public speaker, filmmaker and a pioneer in advocating that all individuals on the autism spectrum are independent communicators who are capable of self-expression and social relationships.