"I was fortunate enough to observe (Voice Colors Yoga) recently as they worked with a small group of neurodiverse people. To say that I was “blown away” is an understatement. As I told them afterward, the people in the class – all of whom have significant challenges and need a lot of support – transformed before my eyes over the course of the hour-long adaptive yoga session. The experience for me was a game-changer in terms of the potential for this type of work to help many neurodiverse people achieve a higher level of focus, self-regulation, flexibility, strength and self-direction." - Greg Austin, Inclusive Fitness

"I use the visuals, tools, and resources from your training in my transition classroom almost every day...with individual students or in a group. And thank goodness that I don’t have to modify or change it myself! It is not often that you find curriculum or tools that are already so appropriate for our students. Have you heard the term “access is love?” Well you hit the nail on the head with Voice Colors Yoga! Especially for our transition aged students and young adults with disabilities, having access to the activities that enrich our own lives helps to make the world more inclusive. 

-Lola P., The Cotting School

"I found this training to be relevant to so many different aspects of special education as a whole. This training dives into creative ways to provide students with opportunities for communication and self-advocacy that can be translated into many different situations even outside of yoga.” 

- Participant in 30-hour Yoga for Autism Teacher Training


About Voice Colors Yoga for Autism

Voice Colors Yoga is a non-profit founded by Eve and Matt Megargel. We are dedicated to providing top-quality yoga instruction, professional development and yoga teacher training specifically designed for students with autism. 

Voice Colors Yoga is a dynamic interactive educational practice grounded in empathy, compassion and respect.

The Voice Colors Yoga teaching methodology utilizes a variety of visual communication supports to ensure that all students with autism are able to access the benefits of yoga and make meaningful progress in their yoga practice. 

Core Beliefs

 We believe that all individuals on the autism spectrum: 

  • Are communicators capable of independent self-expression grounded in social relationships
  • Are life-long learners who strive to meet new challenges and cultivate an array of new insights and skill sets.
  • Require access to visuals, vocabulary and concepts that enhance their understanding of yoga and support their ability to participate as independently as possible

Yoga and Autism: A Natural Fit

  • Yoga addresses many aspects of autism as a systems disorder: Individuals with autism tend to experience some degree of imbalance and sensitivity across physical systems (gastro-intestinal, seizure, emotional, sensory etc...). This makes it imperative to support optimal balance in their minds, bodies and nervous systems.
  •  Yoga can be taught visually rather than verbally, playing to the strengths of students with communication challenges.
  • Yoga is an effective way to manage stress and develop self-awareness and self-regulation skills.  
  • Yoga provides physical exercise with benefits such as strength, flexibility and overall physical well-being essential to maintaining good health  
  • Yoga provides a way to connect with others through meaningful shared social experience in community.
  • Yoga can be adapted to meet the needs of individuals at any level of physical fitness or ability, and the level of challenge progresses at an appropriate pace for each individual.

Yoga for Autism Teacher Training

Workshops for Professionals and Families

Voice Colors Yoga Classes

We offer yoga classes for teens and adults with autism at TriYoga Boston in Waltham, MA.

* Currently all classes are being offered virtually on Zoom. 

We offer: 

Private Yoga classes

Small group Yoga classes

Yoga classes for groups from local day or residential programs  

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